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    Volume 2

    Illustrator Victor Donahue brings dinosaurs to life! Now available in the MillerWords store with FREE shipping - Click BUY BOOKS.



    Meet the Paleonauts - a team of time-traveling adventurers on a quest to find George's missing uncle and explore the past!

    An 11-yr-old


    Olivia Miller was first published at the age of 10. She is in the 5th grade and hard at work on her next book!

    Welcome to


    Enter a world of magic and fantasy filled with inspiring characters and positive role models. This critically praised series has something for every member of the family. Order yours today!


    in the Park

    Authors in the Park is a showcase presenting the best of local and independent authors. With multiple events throughout the year, there is something for everyone! Visit us on Facebook!

    Defective Amish


    Fun-filled stories of a slightly broken amateur sleuth and an Amish blacksmith with a mysterious past. Each story is filled with humor and heart.

    Sons of the King

    A high fantasy adventure co-written by Olivia Miller. The father-daughter team bring you a story of struggle and destiny in the far reaches of the universe.

    Small World Global Protection Agency

    A fun and educational series for Young Readers. Kids from 3rd to 6th grade will love to join Josh and Madison, superspys, as they travel the world.


    A new series from Helping Hands Press created by Mark Miller. This spiritual anthology will feature true stories of faith by authors of every background around the world.

    The Empyrical Tales Book Two: The Lost Queen

    "sequels are rarely as good as the original.....but there are exceptions, and The Lost Queen is one." - Wayne S. Walker, Home School Book Review


    Ask DG

    Paleontologist Dinosaur George Blasing answers questions from kids like you!


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Mark Miller's books on Goodreads

The Lost Queen

reviews: 2
ratings: 83 (avg rating 4.71)

The Fourth Queen

reviews: 3
ratings: 47 (avg rating 4.67)



Chelsea Perry, Apex Reviews

"[The Empyrical Tales] shines as a standout example of the best that quality fantasy fiction has to offer!"


Wayne S. Walker, Home School Book Review

"...there is a beneficial moral element to the plot."


Giovanni Gelati, Gelati's Scoop

" is fun , innovative and flat out well written."


From the Author

"Primarily, these stories are for my daughters. My goal is to instill in them confidence and strength. I want them to see independent female characters accomplishing tasks that usually are only done by men. My writing is a way for me to underline the important qualities that I teach them in real life. Then I can share that message with anyone that reads my stories. Who couldn’t use some self-assurance?"